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Please call Mark at 402-551-2313 for more information and assistance.

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Projects to Fund

We regularly have projects that will enable us to better serve the Saint Cecilia community. If you are interested in making a lasting impact, contact Mark McNamara at 402-551-2313, to discuss the project that best matches your giving preference. 

Giving Options - Please call Mark McNamara at 402-551-2313 for assistance.


Cash gifts are the easiest and often times the simplest way of making a gift. Stop by the Cathedral Administration Office to drop off your donation or mail a check to us: 701 N 40th St, Omaha NE 68131.


Many companies have Matching Gift programs which double, or even triple, tax deductible contributions made by their employees. Ask your personnel office for more information about your company's matching gift program. 3 steps to set up a matching gift: 1. Find out if your company matches gifts to Saint Cecilia Cathedral. 2. Obtain a matching gift form from your HR office or your company's website. 3. Complete the form and send it to Saint Cecilia Cathedral, 701 N 40th Street, Omaha NE 68131.


Naming Saint Cecilia Cathedral as owner and sole beneficiary may prove to be beneficial.


Donating your personal residence, vacation home, farm or business and reserving the right of residency and use for an agreed upon term, usually the balance of your lifetime, may prove to be an advantageous financial strategy.


Gifts of appreciated property held for more than one year, such as real estate, common stock, mutual funds, bonds, IRAs or retirement plans, offer significant advantages to the donor.


In exchange for your gift of cash, securities or other property, we will provide you and/or a named beneficiary an annual fixed annuity payment for life. Gift annuities offer immediate tax advantages, including partial avoidance of capital gains tax on the appreciation of donated property.


You may establish a significant gift in the form of a charitable remainder trust that can provide a substantial income to you during your lifetime and, if you choose, during the life of a named beneficiary. Upon the death of the final beneficiary, the trust is terminated and the remaining principal is given to Saint Cecilia Cathedral.


A bequest is a provision in the donor's will leaving a specific amount, percentage or remainder of assets to us. It is a simple matter to include a bequest to Saint Cecilia Cathedral directly in your will or in a codicil to your will. To expedite your good intentions, here is a recommended clause for making an outright unrestricted bequest to Saint Cecilia Cathedral: "Saint Cecilia Cathedral of Omaha, a Nebraska entity, is to receive the sum of (indicate a specific amount or percentage). This bequest is unrestricted, and the pastor may use and expend the same for the benefit of Saint Cecilia Cathedral in Omaha in any manner it deems appropriate." This is an example. Always consult your attorney for specific legal advice. Should you wish to make a bequest that is restricted to a specific purpose, parish or ministry, please contact us for examples of appropriate wording.


One way to support Saint Cecilia Cathedral as well as to help yourself is to advertise with us. Bulletin advertising: Contact LPI: 800-950-9952 ext. 2659. Annual Fundraiser: Comedy & Cuisine: You can advertise in our program booklet. The event is held each spring and supports our Grade School. Contact us at 402-551-2313.


If you contribute long-term appreciated securities to Saint Cecilia Cathedral, you receive a two-fold income tax benefit: a charitable deduction for the full present fair market value and no tax on the value of the appreciation. The limit on deductibility in any tax year is 30% of your adjusted gross income; any excess is deductible over the next five years. If you wish to contribute securities on which you have a loss, consider selling them instead and donating the proceeds to Saint Cecilia Cathedral. You will then realize a tax deduction for the loss in addition to the charitable deduction. For legal and professional advice, please consult an attorney.