Cathedral's Historical Timeline

We, who enjoy the beauty, the grandeur, and religious experiences in the cathedral today, can only stand in silent tribute to those who struggled for its completion. Saint Cecilia's Cathedral stands as a mighty symbol of the living faith of all people of the midwest. Its towers stretch high to the heavens in praise of God. A century of progress is written on its stones. We are truly grateful for our heritage.

1888: Dedication of Saint Cecilia's Parish (December 2)

1889: Saint Cecilia's Parish incorporated (May 5)

1901: Saint Cecilia's Parish selected to be the Cathedral for the Diocese (May)

1903: Location (40th Street and Burt Street) of Cathedral selected 

1904: Plans for the Cathedral approved (May)

1905: Groundbreaking on Saint Cecilia Cathedral (May)

1907: Saint Cecilia Cathedral Cornerstone parade (October 6)

1916: Saint Cecilia Cathedral used for the first time (December 21)

1918: Interior beautification began in the Cathedral

1919: Cathedral main altar installed (April)

1940: High altar with bronze crucifix and marble communion rail installed 

1944: Pulpit installed

1945: Omaha diocese elevated to Archdiocese (August 7)

1946: Work on stained glass windows began

1948: Stations of the Cross installed

1951: Windows completed

1952: Dome repainted with Saint Cecilia as the central figure

1958: Twin towers capped with bronze crosses

1958: Consecration and installation of bells (October)

1959: Consecration of Saint Cecilia Cathedral (April 9)

1979: Saint Cecilia Cathedral placed on National Register of Historic Places (January 25)

1979: Saint Cecilia Cathedral honored as a Landmark of the City of Omaha (May 22)

1980: Jubilee celebration

1990's: Restoration work on Cathedral interior

2000: Restoration and renovation unveiled