The Cathedral as Omaha's Landmark

Share the grace, the gratitude, the glory of Cathedral!

The majesty of Saint Cecilia Cathedral has been appreciated for many decades. Firmly crowning a high ridge west of downtown Omaha, the monumental structure catches the first light of sunrise; its facade and west towers reflect the gorgeous sunset.

From miles away, in all directions, its silhouette catches the eye and its towers pierce the vast prairie sky. For many years, many people, whatever their religion, have acknowledged this as Omaha's uniquely noble landmark.

Our Cathedral builders, whether from a century ago or in the beginning years of a new millennium, have succeeded humbly, and yet with pride, in making the great mass of stone high on an Omaha ridge, a tangible proclamation that Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour is here present to all.

The great towers do not intimidate, the splendid walls and gem-like windows do not boast with worldly conceit; they shine in silence, and then when the mighty bells ring out, the edifice sings: "You share in the love and the glory of God."

In the words of Psalm 84: "How lovely is your dwelling place, O Lord of Hosts."

~ Thomas A. Kuhlman, Ph.D., The Beauty of Thy House, 2005