Memorial & Tribute Gifts

Gifts in memory or honor of a loved one are truly meaningful and unique.

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Memorial Gifts

Remembering a loved one through a memorial gift is a beautiful way to honor his/her memory. In place of sending flowers, consider making a gift in memory of a beloved relative, friend, or colleague. Consider how he/she or the family would want the passing memorialized by those left behind to continue God's work at St. Cecilia Cathedral.


Tribute Gifts

Honoring someone important in your life with a tribute gift can be a thoughtful way to celebrate a milestone: a birthday, wedding, new baby, graduation, or any special occasion. In place of gifts for the “person who has everything” a tribute gift in their honor is unique and benefits something that means a lot to them – their Catholic Faith.


How to Make a Gift

Gifts can be made in any amount, large or small, and are tax-deductible; and can be made by check or credit card. Contact Mark McNamara, Director of Development at 402-551-2313 or


Gift Acknowledgement

Each gift will be acknowledged with a notecard and sent according to your wishes. We will send notice of the gift to whomever you designate and the amount you contribute can be kept confidential should you desire.


Designating Your Gift

St. Cecilia Cathedral accepts gifts for parish programs, school tuition assistance, campus technology, faith formation, building maintenance and improvement, and more. If you are interested in makings gifts to establish (or add to) existing scholarships or endowments, please contact Mark McNamara, Director of Development at 402-551-2313 or


Mass Intentions

If you would like to have a Mass offered for a deceased loved one or to remember a special event like a birthday or anniversary, please contact Sheila Graham in the Cathedral Administration Office at 402-551-2313 or