Thank you for supporting
our Annual Appeal

Our annual fundraising appeals help us bridge the difference between our offertory/tuition payments and our budgeted costs. Please be generous and help raise funds for our parish, our school, our ministries, and our mission. Thank you!

Please call Mark McNamara at 402-551-2313 for assistance.

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School Assistance – Tuition and General Support

Costs continue to grow to retain a high quality, dedicated staff to educate our children.

Tuition increases will drive more people away from Catholic education.

We must create additional funding options to support the mission to educate young Catholics; currently, parish support, endowment funds and Comedy and Cuisine proceeds are used to fill the gap between tuition and the total cost to educate a student.

Each year, we receive numerous requests for assistance from families who desire a Catholic education for their children, but do not have the resources to afford the full amount of tuition.

Kevin Vaughan, chair of the Tuition Assistance Committee, works with families who require assistance to establish a plan for their children to attend Saint Cecilia School.

Thanks to the generosity of our parishioners through the years, Kevin has been able to help a growing number of families each year. Unfortunately, the need continues to grow as well, and our fund is depleted quicker each year.

Capital Improvements and Campus Maintenance

While our campus is a destination for Catholics from across the Archdiocese and region, we need to evaluate improvements to our buildings and grounds over the coming years.

Many capital improvement projects are larger in scope and often fall outside the normal budget constraints.

With aging buildings on our campus, system repairs and replacements continue to emerge each year without warning.

These items, due to the age of the systems and buildings, increase in cost to complete the necessary improvements to keep the buildings operational.

We simply cannot budget for these items nor have we been able to get ahead and build a reserve.

Examples of significant maintenance projects in the past include:
Plumbing issues on east side of Cultural Center – total cost $25,000
Drain stack repairs needed in church near the sacristy – total cost $15,000
Air conditioner units and water heaters in the rectory needed full replacement – total cost $13,000

Cathedral Fund

Saint Cecilia Cathedral Parish and School has been blessed with a beautiful worship space and wonderful spaces for our school and other ministries. We are grateful for those parishioners, past and present, who have contributed their time, talent, and treasure to maintain and improve our campus facilities as we share Christ’s presence with all we encounter. To fulfill our role as stewards of these gifts, we launch the Cathedral Fund, an annual appeal for Saint Cecilia. The primary purpose of the Cathedral Fund is to generate dollars for projects that fall outside our normal operating budget. We will build a reserve dedicated to the following areas:

  • School Assistance – Tuition and general support
  • Capital Improvements and Campus Maintenance

These areas are essential as we fulfill our mission to share Christ’s presence with all we encounter by our sacramental participation, our parish community, and living the Word of God.

I ask that you prayerfully consider a gift to the Cathedral Fund that is meaningful to your family. You can use the link in the "Donate Now" button above to contribute to this important effort for our parish or print this pledge card and mail a check in. All gifts, large and small, are appreciated.

All donors who contribute $1,000 or more to the Cathedral Fund will be part of the Saint Cecilia Circle.

I am thankful for your prayerful consideration of a gift to the Cathedral Fund annual appeal. Together, we can continue as a thriving parish for years to come. Your support is what makes Saint Cecilia special. Thank you! 

Sincerely Yours in Christ,

Rev. Michael W. Grewe, Pastor