Journey of Faith: What is it?

A hopeful pastoral vision for our Archdiocese

Saint Cecilia Cathedral Parish and Saint Margaret Mary Parish: Partners in the Journey

The Archdiocese asks the parishes to set a “clear path of discipleship” which addresses people where they are in their faith life with a plan to help them move to a deeper relationship with Christ. People come to us in one of these levels of spirituality: trust; openness; seeking; beginning disciple; missionary disciple; and fruitful disciple. The parishes will intentionally offer “relational outreach, conversion moments, faith formation, and evangelization formation” to meet the faith needs of parishioners and school families.

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The Latest News

From the St. Cecilia/St. Margaret Mary Team

Teams from both parishes met May 18 to begin the journey and to become one discerning, goal-formulating team working for the betterment of each parish and to “become flourishing communities that tend to the people who are there and to the people who are not there.”

Those representing St. Margaret Mary parish: Fr. Ralph O'Donnell, Fr. Toby Letak, Deacon Mike Conzett, Principal Maureen Berg, Mickey Anderson, Kris Berg, Sharon Doran, Jeff Feldhaus, Todd Sauer.

Those representing St. Cecilia Cathedral parish: Fr. Michael Grewe, Fr. Jim Buckley, Fr. Eliot Schwer, Deacon Jim Tardy, Principal Julia Pick, Sheila Graham, Pam Lammers, Greg Penny.

The first goal of this team is to learn about each parish, the people who make up the parish, and the culture and history that has brought them to their present circumstances. Each parish has a strong heritage and a proud history of serving the Catholic community of Omaha. Each church evokes a powerful sense of the sacred, the beauty, the presence of God which parishioners appreciate, and which draws visitors and potential parishioners through the doors and into the community of believers.

Using the dream of Pope Francis to have a missionary church, the team discussed how we do/can/will become “a missional community, outward looking group of disciples, under the care of a pastor, sent by Jesus to make disciples.” The team will be reviewing the liturgies, programs, organizations, committees, and events offered through each parish and how they contribute to this idea of missional community.

Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the direction and leadership of pastors Fr. Grewe and Fr. O’Donnell, the team is excited to have their parishes be partners on this journey. Updates will be given following their monthly planning meetings.

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