Cathedral History


The True Voice on May 12, 1905, recorded the ground breaking for Saint Cecilia's Cathedral thus -- "The work of excavating for the new cathedral at Fortieth and Burt streets began this week. A large force of men are employed on the work which will require some time yet."

Little did anyone dream in 1905 that "the work which will require some time yet" would actually take over fifty years. Little did anyone dream in 1905 that seventy-five years later, Saint Cecilia's Cathedral would become a national landmark and become one of the most outstanding cathedrals in the United States. 

We, who enjoy the beauty, the grandeur, and religious experiences in the cathedral today, can only stand in silent tribute to those who struggled for its completion. Saint Cecilia's Cathedral stands as a mighty symbol of the living faith of all people of the midwest. Its towers stretch high to the heavens in praise of God. A century of progress is written on its stones. We are truly grateful for our heritage. 


~ Preface, Saint Cecilia's Cathedral, 1981 



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