The School

Saint Cecilia Catholic Grade School

Our mission:

To teach and live the Catholic faith within a nurturing family-like community.

Teach reverence for life and respect for all.

Foster each student's academic potential. 


 St. Cecilia’s parish, grade school, and neighborhood remain vital to each other.  City and neighborhood leaders make the Cathedral a focal point of the Destination Midtown revitalization effort.  Even so, St. Cecilia’s is no longer primarily a neighborhood school.  It draws students from nearly 40 zip codes, including those who live outside Omaha.  Many are the children of parents and grandparents educated at St. Cecilia’s. St. Cecilia Cathedral School is proud of its past and looks forward to its next century of excellence in the Omaha community.


At Saint Cecilia Cathedral School, you will find a welcoming close-knit community that is committed to the Catholic faith and to helping each student reach his or her highest potential. From our student mentorship program to serving in the community, our students have many opportunities to become leaders, both in and out of the classroom. 

We are located on the ten acre campus of Saint Cecilia Cathedral, the cathedral church of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Omaha. Rooted in the Dominican tradition of faith, morals and discipline, our school celebrates diversity by representing denominations and ethnic backgrounds from the Omaha area.

Saint Cecilia Cathedral School is the only Omaha grade school that has received the Creighton Presidential Medallion Award. This prestigious award highlighted our stable leadership, high academic standards, strong parental involvement, and unwavering commitment to the Gospel for over 100 years.

Saint Cecilia Cathedral School has provided excellence in Catholic education to PK–8 students in the greater Omaha community since 1907. With more than 300 students enrolled, the school is fully accredited through the State of Nebraska, North Central Association of Schools and AdvancED


How to find out more about Saint Cecilia Cathedral School:

   Call us at 402-556-6655 to arrange for a tour of our school campus.

   Visit our Facebook page 

If you would like to tour our U.S. Department of Education Blue Ribbon School, call 402-556-6655 to make arrangements.