Pastoral Outreach

Saint Vincent de Paul Society

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The Saint Cecilia Parish Conference of the Saint Vincent de Paul Society has a mission to witness God's love by embracing all works of charity and justice. The Conference provides a personal spiritual development and growth program which sustains its members for the work of the Society. Members meet Tuesdays at 9:00 am in the parish rectory to pray together for the success of their mission and to respond to requests for rent, food, utilities or other emergency needs. They also collaborate with the central office or parish conferences for special or larger projects. 

Dear Parishioners,

The Saint Cecilia Cathedral Society of St. Vincent de Paul is an unique "family" of members that assist many families, many aspects of our Catholic/non-Catholic community that surrounds our beautiful Cathedral. The needy see our towers and see refuge. They see our priests and have hope in the daily needs we all take for granted. Our society, our "family" consists of parishioners you rarely hear of as we do not want recognition. We help folks with rent, we have a realtor who knows the "in's and out's" of realty/rental/section 8's. We have a retiree who runs groceries to those with no transportation. We have businessmen who handle utilities, furniture, medicine, clothing, lodging. We have the priests, phone operators, volunteers, rectory staffers who handle the sometimes desperate calls....and your donations to the poor our effort. And do not forget the school kids, teachers and administration. It is never easy, but it is rewarding. Anyone who wants to help will be warmly accepted and I can tell you, you will not regret it. 

Fiscal year 2015 report:

Families helped with rent:  31

Families helped with OPPD/MUD: 50

Pantries (food from Helga/David Gurney STCC pantry): 77

Furniture: 7 

Medicine: 5 

Gift cards to No Frills: 110 

SVdP produced over $19,000 to 236 households, 462 people, last year because of YOU. YOU made this possible.  We could not have answered the phone without your support, your funding. We are your gatekeepers of funds....we screen and do our best.  Thank you for what you do.  



Hospital Ministry / Ministry to the Sick and Homebound

Brenda Novak / 402-551-2313

The Hospital Ministry and Ministry to the Sick and Homebound provides an essential pastoral and sacramental outreach of the Cathedral parish. A daily schedule of rounds at the University of Nebraska Medical Center and the Clarkson Hospital is coordinated to allow for flexibility in the personal schedule of all ministers. The elder members of the parish community in their homes or in assisted residential centers, those recuperating from accidents or hospital stays, and those with no reliable transportation benefit from this parish service.  Members of the parish Legion of Mary Praesidium as well as Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion parishioners provide weekly and arranged visitation, support and communication in the name of the parish. Visits to the homebound or those in health care facilities can be arranged by the week or month. Volunteers are always welcome, as individuals or as a team according to schedule availability, especially by those who are served.



Cathedral Reading Rack

Rectory / 402-551-2313

A variety of spiritual, devotional and periodical literature is provided by the parish. Some items have a donation need and many items are free for the taking. Individuals wishing to have items included in the reading rack should contact Fr. Michael Grewe.



Funeral Lunch

Mary Agnes Gerken / 402-551-1956

Funeral luncheons are a unique expression of hospitality and support for families and friends of the deceased on the day of a funeral. By providing the practical relief from the task of gathering family members, friends and parishioners, the Funeral Lunch Team aids participation in the Rites of the Church and facilitates personal interaction in a relaxed setting. Three groups of volunteers unite to provide food, to arrange the Parish Center Dining Room and to serve the luncheon. Planning for the funeral luncheon is done with the Funeral Luncheon coordinator and family members following the scheduling of the Service times for the funeral.



Rectory Volunteers


Volunteers answer the phone and door and provide a variety of support services during business hours at the parish rectory. Morning and afternoon hours are arranged according to the availability of each volunteer. Rectory volunteers also assist the Parish Office staff by providing important welcome and information assistance to all who contact the parish offices.