Calendar of Events

Tuesday             January 16

5:30 pm               Legion of Mary meeting [PCDR]

7:00 pm               KOC Officer meeting [LAC]


Wednesday      January 17

6:00 pm               Stewardship Committee meeting [RDR]


Thursday           January 18

6:30 pm               Faith Formation class [PARISH CENTER]

6:30 pm               RCIA dinner and class [PCDR]


Friday                 January 19

8:30 am               School Mass [NAVE]


Saturday            January 20

10:00 am            Legion of Mary meeting [PCDR]

10:30 am            Catholic Daughters meeting [PCCR]


Sunday               January 21

11:30 am             Santo Nino Mass [NAVE]

12:30 pm             Santo Nino reception [CAFE]