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Confirmation ceremony is

Sunday, November 19, 2:00 pm


Thanksgiving Day Mass is at 9:00 am. Join us!!!



Pray with us . . .

+ That as the Church year winds down, each Catholic would grow in the knowledge of how your hand has led each of us through good and bad this past year.

+ That seeking the Wisdom of Your Spirit would motivate our study, prayer and how we accept the value of other people in our lives each day.

+ That those who serve others in the Church and in civil society would do so with honesty, integrity and first thoughts concerning others and not their own reputation or remuneration.

+ That those in our RCIA program and all members of our parish community would feel valued in the daily life and workings of Saint Cecilia’s.

+ For those who suffer from domestic violence and abuse and for those who assist them in righteous ways.

+ For those who have passed before us from this life.

So we pray to You Lord.



We celebrate the feast day of our patron 

Saint Cecilia on November 22!





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Come in.  Look around. 


Sancta Caecilia, Virgo Martyr,

ora pro nobis. 


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